Health and Wellness Retreat in Maui | Resourceful Vacation to Nurture Your body and Free Your Mind

People tend to go away from the hubbubs of the city to a tranquil destination to enjoy their vacations and relax their nerves. Maui in the Hawaiian county is such a place. The evergreen and vast cover of forest, bright sun overhead, and pearly sandy beaches with crystal waters splashing on the shore forms a picturesque sight that is enough to restrain you for life. Along with sightseeing, the Island also offers you the best environment to tame your mind and body. Health and wellness retreats in Maui offers a spiritual approach towards a better life.

​Health and wellness retreat in Maui has an holistic approach towards betterment of your livelihood. What we do here is adjust the habits that you have acquired over the years. Restore the harmony between your body and mind and make you stronger mentally to give up on the habits that are affecting you. It is easier said than done though. Your concern and dedication towards gaining a fit and healthy body will be the deciding factor for this session to be a success. Unless and until you aim for that lifestyle, no one can force you to change. The tranquil environment in the Island helps in clearing the mind and lets you think of far ahead. The beautiful sights inspire you to remain as youthful as possible. Take in the sights and learn from the Mauians the connection between man and the nature. Reflect on the path you need to follow to lead a life of happiness. Being happy and spreading happiness among friends and family is what life is all about.

Visit to know more about the health and wellness retreat that can help you gain enlightenment of the worldly virtues. You can join us on your vacation in Maui if you are concerned about your health and fitness. While yoga calms your mind, let our special diet plan satiate your food habits. Enjoy while you enlighten yourself.

Health and Wellness Retreat Maui | Better Productivity Comes with Sound Mind and Fit Body

A sound mind in a sound body thrives for the development of their kind. This is a belief that has been followed for ages. That is why a king had to undergo myriads of trials to develop their body and mind to its apex condition. While in these peaceful times you won’t need harsh training, however, you will still need to develop a sound mind and body to live a productive life. Health and wellness retreats in Maui aim to give you the incentive to help you kick-start a healthy lifestyle and uplift your morale. This 5-day retreat will encompass developing your mind and body with proper diet and activities.

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Health and wellness retreats are meant to best your demons, so that, you can live a better life ahead without any impediment towards your happiness. The demons mentioned above are not entities with horns or anything. They are the entities that reside in you and lead you towards bad decisions. Addiction of any kind is a demon in you that holds you back from many other things in life. While there is a Maui drug and detoxMaui drug and detox program to help with your addiction, opening up your mind and training your body will only strengthen your resolve further. As you may know, with a strong mind you can achieve any feat you aspire. This is where yoga comes in play.

Meditate to clear your mind, breathing control to calm your heart, and strengthen your body simultaneously with yoga. This is a way of life where you stimulate your spirit, mind, and body. However, it doesn’t just end with yoga. You have to keep yourself from making the bad decisions and change them to commemorate a life of happiness and good health. Therefore, we also provide a nutrition and lifestyle consultation to show a path that you can follow to maintain what you achieved here.

Visit and book for 5-Days health and wellness retreat in Maui. Enjoy the paradise island with us and open your mind to a whole new world when you leave us.

Spiritual Retreat: A Break to Broaden your Horizon Before Venturing into the Unknown

Maui is a place graced with the spirits of nature. Lush forests, bright sun, ample ocean wind, and the clear ocean waters encompassing the Island show the graces ushered by Mother Nature in full bloom. The people of Maui are spiritually connected to the land and nature. They are in tune with the nature and can help you to attain the same. So, before you venture into the unknown, why not take a step back? A spiritual retreat at Maui will help you broaden your horizon and prep your mind to adapt with the changing situation readily.


The unknown may be anything that you have to set in the near future like a business venture, a promotion or a new phase in your relationship. Nothing in your life is set on stone. You can always adapt to the changes in your surrounding and live your life without affecting your ethics or principles. However, for that you have to close your eyes and open your mind to see beyond the visible possibilities. As you may know, sometimes you have to close your eyes to see things clearly. You may not be gifted in this but what do you have to lose if you give it a try? Why not give a chance to something that claims to better your life? Spiritual retreats will not convert you, it will only append some ideas that you would have overlooked otherwise.

The personnel at will help you gain the perspective that you were missing out on with special breathing methods to relax your mind. Train your body to keep up with the cleansing of your mind. After all, how can one leave the shrine dirty after tending to the idol in it? A regular workout and slight changes to your diet will do the trick. When everything is set and you practice the talents acquired in the sessions regularly, you will become the master of your life. This is a gradual process that you have to indulge yourself in regularly. Always take a step back to have clearer view of what is ahead. Then only can you make better judgments on how to handle it proficiently.

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Health and Wellness Retreat: Revisit the Youth you Left Behind with Maui Healing Retreat

Maui is a place that is synonymous to the nature itself. Each being on the Island is spiritually attached to it. Observing the place, you will be enlightened about the nature that you ignore in your daily hectic lives. And this is the reason why a health and wellness retreat here will help revisit your innocent self from the past long forgotten. Awaken the conscience that strives for a better life, a healthy life. Together with Maui Healing Retreat, begin the journey of self-discovery in the bosom of Mother Nature, a place where sun shines the brightest.

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Maui Healing Retreat brings you a 5-Day Health and Wellness Retreat that will work wonders on your mind, body, and spirit. Relieve your mind of the stress and lighten the burden you carry around. This magical place, with unblemished and scenic natural beauty, drives away all the negativities holding you back. Take a stroll under the shining sun, alongside the sparkling waters on the beach and bask in the Island’s charm. The allure of the Island will certainly sink deep into your heart. Our expert will guide you through to break free from the shackles of the current life and gradually awaken the part of you that will help you connect with yourself and others with confidence. Dive deep into your conscience to understand the working of the world around you. Cultivate the compassion and understanding that was impeded by the negativity you have garnered with the passing time.

We all know a healthy body houses a healthy spirit. With the mind and spirit cleansed of the negativity and striving for positive development, the body requires the same. The body being the shrine of the spirit, you need to take proper care to keep it clean to keep the spirit happier. Nourish the body and detoxify the toxins within, with healthy and nutritional food habits. Keep your body in sync with the nature and your spirit with meditation and yoga sessions specially tailored for you. Keep your body ready and fit for the transformation you will experience.

Visit our website,, to know more or contact us get expert spiritual guides that will help you through the transformation. Our experts can help you release the negativity that the world has piled upon you and transform them into positivity. Romantic Couples retreats and enlightening Spiritual retreats, our Maui psychics help to make your Maui retreat experience unique and memorable. Scenic beauty boosted with Aloha spirit.

Couples retreat in Maui | Nourish your Relationship

Two people get estranged over the time. The stress and issues of the everyday life pulls them apart inevitably. It is their responsibility to look for solutions to keep the spark of love alive however it has to be implemented the right way to see positive results. Couples retreat in Maui are magical and it often helps in rejuvenating a relationship, if not always. The romance breaks free from its shackles with all-encompassing natural beauty of the Island working as a catalyst.

0a54c9fb560cfd95f155f93d2c0ee6d5Maui has to offer a lot of activities for you to enjoy as an individual and as a couple. A walk on the beautiful beaches during phenomenal sunrises at dawn or equally scenic sunset at dusk is sure to pull your heartstrings and draw each other to a warm embrace. The activities best for a couple would be to hike as a couple in the unrestrained nature and explore the scenic beauty of the Island hand-in-hand with your beloved. This will definitely help you rediscover the unrestrained side of your relationship that you have forgotten over time. Get stranded (per say) in the mountains where you both only have each other to depend on and open up the flood gates of your emotions and let all the bygones be bygones and turn over a new leaf in your relationship.


Even the individual activities in Maui can help your getting closer. The Goddess Photography Shoot can help you flaunt your various sides to your beloved. You can show what they have been missing out on and show what you have discovered over the years. Throw all the pent up energy at the professional photographer and let us help you show your true and unrestrained side in the photos. You can go for surfing with Sally and wash away all the negativity that you have held over a long period of time. The adventure water sports can be refreshing as well as an eye-opener. The adrenaline rush will make you realize what it is that you have been neglecting or ignoring. Even if you are alone, you carry the heart of your beloved with you.

Visit for a mystical couples retreat and rediscover the hearts of your beloved within you. We can reach you spiritually and help you establish the spiritual connection that you both were oblivious of. Your are hearts are nigh. Journey to the place of the Sun and revive your love under its light.

5 Days Hawaii Retreat to Awaken the Woman within


The world is evolving at a rapid pace. Men and women are working shoulder to shoulder to break the barriers set by humanity itself to reach newer heights of development. Do you still feel the prejudice against you while standing on equal ground with a Man? Are you concerned that you are losing yourself in this concealed tug of war in the society? These doubts are the root cause of the tribulations that follow. Rediscover the confidence in you in 5 days Hawaii retreat to awaken the woman within you. This will help you clear the doubts conceived subconsciously along the way.

How can we help you with this in only 5 days? You may have accumulated all the doubts and unnecessary stress over the year; however, it only takes a few days to push you back on the track you desired to proceed on with your life. This process includes five stages, hence 5 days. Hawaii is not only famous for its panoramic scenic views or extremely great beaches or raving and partying through the night but also for its people being very close to the nature, i.e. on a spiritual level. There are no strict itineraries in the Hawaii retreat, however, one has to be open minded and true to one self.

1.jpgOn the first day, when you reach here, you are advised to relax as much and however you see fit for yourself. However, you shouldn’t forget to keep a journal or simply jot down your intentions for the coming week. Once your mind is off things and you have a check list prepared of things-to-do, it becomes easier to follow through. We will start the second day with a yoga session under the blue sky while feeling the ocean breeze rejuvenating the mind and body, open-air yoga session. This will be followed by nutritional indigenous drinks to refill the lost energy and charm. Then you meditate under the guidance of our people and ease yourself in a serene state. It is as difficult as easy it sounds. Our people will guide you in reaching that serene state by breaking it into several steps and guide you in the best way that is suited to you. The retreat ends for the day with counsel from experts regarding the shortcomings and confusions therein your mind. This is will provide you with a clear picture of what is holding you back on your efforts and suggest us on how we can help you better. On the third day, you start with spending quality time all by yourself; lounge in a hammock, go to the nearby beach or visit some places by yourself and reflect on what you gained the day before. Don’t forget to take the usual dosage of the nourishing diet and juices for the morning. Then we can go for grooming you with gemcombs. All women love to be groomed and pampered, a gemcomb will make you feel on the top of the world. This will let you perceive things like a queen does, compassionate and understanding towards others and deepen your bonds towards you loved ones. On the fourth day, you start with usual yoga session followed by counsel with a health practitioner. Health practitioner will point out the do’s and don’ts of your day to day nutritional intake and map you a lifestyle fit only for your body. Finally, the day ends with intuitive counseling session. You bring out all your demons and gods into the open to have a better understanding of your current life and confront them productively. This will help you in sketching an outline of what and how your life should be. These sessions may seem easy-going however; they can be pretty taxing on one’s mind and body. So, on the final day of the session you spend your time relaxing in however way you are up for while not forgetting about your nutritional intake.

Integrate all the experiences that you amassed while on the Hawaii retreat to empower yourself and be a new and better person from then on. This is a session where you let us to help you. You will only deceive yourself by deceiving/holding back from us. Contact to empower yourself and awaken the woman within you.