5 Days Hawaii Retreat to Awaken the Woman within


The world is evolving at a rapid pace. Men and women are working shoulder to shoulder to break the barriers set by humanity itself to reach newer heights of development. Do you still feel the prejudice against you while standing on equal ground with a Man? Are you concerned that you are losing yourself in this concealed tug of war in the society? These doubts are the root cause of the tribulations that follow. Rediscover the confidence in you in 5 days Hawaii retreat to awaken the woman within you. This will help you clear the doubts conceived subconsciously along the way.

How can we help you with this in only 5 days? You may have accumulated all the doubts and unnecessary stress over the year; however, it only takes a few days to push you back on the track you desired to proceed on with your life. This process includes five stages, hence 5 days. Hawaii is not only famous for its panoramic scenic views or extremely great beaches or raving and partying through the night but also for its people being very close to the nature, i.e. on a spiritual level. There are no strict itineraries in the Hawaii retreat, however, one has to be open minded and true to one self.

1.jpgOn the first day, when you reach here, you are advised to relax as much and however you see fit for yourself. However, you shouldn’t forget to keep a journal or simply jot down your intentions for the coming week. Once your mind is off things and you have a check list prepared of things-to-do, it becomes easier to follow through. We will start the second day with a yoga session under the blue sky while feeling the ocean breeze rejuvenating the mind and body, open-air yoga session. This will be followed by nutritional indigenous drinks to refill the lost energy and charm. Then you meditate under the guidance of our people and ease yourself in a serene state. It is as difficult as easy it sounds. Our people will guide you in reaching that serene state by breaking it into several steps and guide you in the best way that is suited to you. The retreat ends for the day with counsel from experts regarding the shortcomings and confusions therein your mind. This is will provide you with a clear picture of what is holding you back on your efforts and suggest us on how we can help you better. On the third day, you start with spending quality time all by yourself; lounge in a hammock, go to the nearby beach or visit some places by yourself and reflect on what you gained the day before. Don’t forget to take the usual dosage of the nourishing diet and juices for the morning. Then we can go for grooming you with gemcombs. All women love to be groomed and pampered, a gemcomb will make you feel on the top of the world. This will let you perceive things like a queen does, compassionate and understanding towards others and deepen your bonds towards you loved ones. On the fourth day, you start with usual yoga session followed by counsel with a health practitioner. Health practitioner will point out the do’s and don’ts of your day to day nutritional intake and map you a lifestyle fit only for your body. Finally, the day ends with intuitive counseling session. You bring out all your demons and gods into the open to have a better understanding of your current life and confront them productively. This will help you in sketching an outline of what and how your life should be. These sessions may seem easy-going however; they can be pretty taxing on one’s mind and body. So, on the final day of the session you spend your time relaxing in however way you are up for while not forgetting about your nutritional intake.

Integrate all the experiences that you amassed while on the Hawaii retreat to empower yourself and be a new and better person from then on. This is a session where you let us to help you. You will only deceive yourself by deceiving/holding back from us. Contact Mauihealingretreat.com to empower yourself and awaken the woman within you.


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